Frosty Calm

This frosty leaf was on the orchard floor this morning. Gently touched by the rising sun it was a vision of stillness, fragility and ephemeral beauty.

And it has absolutely nothing in common with the wild chaos of my family’s life that exists around it.

In fact I’m pretty sure a dog ran it over at top speed as soon as I was done snapping these pictures.

While our life seems to be a whirlwind hovering just this side of insanity, it’s good to know I can always find an oasis of calm through the lens of a camera.

My Kind of Winter

This is not my kind of winter.

My kind of winter involves enough cold, snowy weather to hide all the sins of fall until spring.

This way if you never got around to getting rid of those thistles in your pasture they are out of sight until the thaw.

Or if there isn’t enough snow to hide them there ought to be enough cold to frost them.

Even thistles look alright covered in ice crystals.

Same goes for nettles.

Neither looks lovely in mud.

Today we’ve got mud.

This is not my kind of winter.