According to John…

Hey Honey…


•What is something I say a lot?

Go away.

I do not!

Have you ever met you in the morning?


•How tall am I? 5′ 7 3/4”

Nicely done. 

•If I became famous, what would it be for?

Writing books.

If only we could get that first one on amazon…

•What makes you proud of me?

Writing books!

Aww thanks honey! 

•What is my favorite food?

Chocolate… cake… quesadillas. Things make with flour and cheese that aren’t good for you. No erase all of that -Diet coke (Brother asks if a noncaloric item can be considered food.) No,  M&M cookies from the bp gas station.

I do love all these things.

•What is my favorite restaurant?

Please tell me so I know!


Eh, I eat there lots but favorite… 

•If I could live anywhere, where would I be?

Somewhere where no one is around you, cold and barren and by yourself. Really you are missing out, Siberia is the key place for you. (Brother says: Just trade whiskey for vodka, you’ll be set.)

They are snotty but not exactly wrong…

•What do I do to annoy you?

Don’t know how to find the garbage can when there is a wrapper in your hand. Y0u makes cakes and never ever, ever, clean up after yourself. Especially frosting.

Because you need to save extra frosting in case you make something else…

•What is my favorite movie?

French Kiss, Beauty and the Beast…(brother says: Triple X) You do like Triple X!

All true and I’m beginning to understand where Clara got her definition of favorite from

•You get a phone call that I’m in trouble. Who am I with?

Sarah, or your mom.


Photo again courtesy of Aunt Helen 

Anniversary Storm

Sometimes wedding anniversaries are fun, magical days where you can bask in the knowledge that you ended up with just the right person to spend your life with.

Sometimes wedding anniversaries are a perfect storm of events that mess with even a modestly planned date night and you go to bed slightly aggravated at the world but still certain you ended up with just the right person to spend your life with.

Yesterday was our 14th anniversary, it didn’t go as planned. But that’s okay because the ribs John grilled were delicious, the lightening storm was impressive and he’s still my favorite man.

Happy Anniversary Honey!

(That’s a ten minute time lapse of the lightening over the neighbors corn field- it was awesome!)


John turned forty this week!

That’s a number that scares some people but not my man.

Nope, he’s quite convinced he’s more awesome now than he was at thirty.

And you know what?

I totally agree.

Happy birthday Honey!


Did I Just Say What I Thought I Said? XV

I’m back with another edition of “Did I Just Say What I Thought I Said?” in which I share a phrase that I never thought:

A) would ever need to be said in the first place,

B) that I would need to be the one to say it and

C) that I wouldn’t just be saying it, I’d be yelling repeating it over and over and over…

For the first time ever I am sharing a phrase that I never thought I’d have to say that is not directed at any of the kids, nor even the dogs. No, this time it’s John who is the one who has been hearing:

No. I will not colonize Mars with you!



I am not interested in space. I’d rather here about the mating habit of moths than what far away planets have which moons and are covered with what frozen water like substance.

I am not interested in traveling through space. That’s just terrifying and you aren’t going to convince me otherwise.

I am not interested in living in a confined space for any length of time. I’m assuming there would be people other than my husband in that confined space with me. I mean, I like other people, and being around them is fine but then I like to leave them wherever they are and go back to my own earthy space with my husband and ignore all talk about stars, galaxies and life support systems.

I am not interested in going to Mars. Because to get to Mars you would have to travel through space in a tiny space with other people – just no.

I am not even remotely interested in staying on Mars. Even if I could avoid all the space travel and teleport there for a quick look around before quickly teleporting back to the nice green earth, Mars is NOT where I would go first… or second… or third…

It does not matter if John thinks he is the perfect candidate for Mars colonization. I am not. I don’t care if he makes up things about Mars needing chickens my answer stays the same.

No. I will not colonize Mars with you!

Just in case you thought I was being dramatic. This is the poster now hanging in our bedroom.

Just in case you thought I was being dramatic this is the poster now hanging in our bedroom.


What about you? If given the opportunity would you colonize Mars?