10 Minutes, 6 Kids

Just in case you were wondering what it is like spending spring break with your best friend and your combined six children, I’ll tell you.

It’s like this…


…but louder.

Much louder.

In the best of ways.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

In the winter we live in a world dominated by black and white.  Then, come spring, when your eyes finally spy those first green shoots, you can feel something sigh within you as your gaze rests on the welcome color.  For awhile each new spot of green in the landscape is a welcome sight but now, now are the days when the earth explodes.

Last week we were still enjoying the soft fuzz of new leaves, spring flowers, growing grass and emerging plants. This week, after a few days of rain, the amount of green is no longer a relief to the eyes but an assault. Jane walking in green woodsPlants have grown inches, new leaves are everywhere and the spring flowers that were the focus of the landscape have become hidden under the flush of growth.  There is no doubt about it, the growing season has arrived!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinnertime

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinnertime

One evening, right around when I should have been fixing dinner, I couldn’t go inside. I was stuck on the deck, captivated by all the different kinds of bees flying through a patch of scilla looking for their own dinner.honey bee flying

The girls and I laid on our bellies and watched honey bees, bumble bees, mason bees and assorted flies until our own dinner was severely delayed.honey bee on scilla

We couldn’t tear ourselves away from the show until I discovered how to use the time lapse feature on my camera, then to keep our shadows out of the picture, we walked away.


When we returned, ten minutes later, dinnertime for the bees seemed to be over and we finally headed inside to start on our own.




Spring Always Comes

Spring never slips over the earth in an instant, instead it comes in fits and spurts.

A flower pops up here, while a bit of snow falls there. A chilly day today is followed by blue skies and sun tomorrow as winter slowly cedes to spring.snow drops

This year instead of sharing time, winter and spring are sparring.  The ground’s dusting of snow is quickly burned off by the hot sun, only to be replaced by evening. Warm days are chased with frigid ones. A sunny day is repeatedly interrupted by howling wind and snow. Its a war between the seasons, but I know who will win.DSCN1816-(2sm)

Life always marches on. Spring always follows winter.

The baby chicks are peeping warm and safe out of the biting wind and the daffodils are slowly blooming despite their occasional covering of snow. baby chickNew bees have been installed with plenty of honey to keep them fed until the weather warms and new fruit trees have been planted in spraying snow with fingers crossed.new bees

Spring always wins, but that doesn’t mean winter has to make it easy.

This month we said our first hellos to brand new family, brand new friends.

And this month we said our last goodbyes to others.crocus

Spring always comes, life always goes on, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

An Icy Reminder

Last week, after a few warm days, winter came back to ensure we all didn’t forget about her while in the throes of spring fever.

She showered us with sleet and rain and snow and ice – just because she could.DSCN1711-(2sm)

Winter stopped by for a day, perfectly encased the world in ice, then let the sun out the next morning to show it off.

By the end of the day she was gone. Every last bit of her.

Today the daffodils are showing yellow in their buds.

I told them to hold on.

Winter has gone but I think she’s still hiding just beyond the next bend.

I encourage you all to head over and visit Jerry Johnson on Dispatches from a Northern Town and read Glazed. He got hit a bit harder than we did with the same storm and he describes this weather perfectly. (Also I’m pretty convinced that he has re-adjusted the “in like a lion and out like a lamb” saying about March just right…)