Movie Night

We have never been big movie watchers. There always seems to be somewhere to go, or something to do, or someone to see… or at least there was.

Lately we’ve instituted a once a week movie night. And while it is nice to watch a movie more than once every six months the actual reason we started it was for the snuggle time. The girls have all been in need of more hugs and more cuddles, (Who hasn’t?) and everyone, even the teenager, wants “just two minutes of snuggling” at bedtime.

So now once a week we all pile on the couch, the dogs and cats are optional and frequent add-ons, and re-charge our snuggle-meters. And if we enjoy a movie in the process, so much the better.

Where is your snuggle-meter at these days and do you have a family movie recommendation?

Useful No Longer

Today I had an excellent check up with my neuro-optometrist. These prism glasses I have been wearing a few hours everyday have done the trick! I know where I am in space again!

The glasses have been relegated to use only when I feel “really off.” Which I immediately translated to mean “don’t wear them until you start walking into walls.”

They have been a useful tool that is soon to be useful no longer! Now that is something to be grateful for.

Back At It

After weeks of recovering from a silly knee injury I’m back out walking the dogs and taking pictures of things that catch my fancy again!

The dogs and I are all smiling about that! Now it might be time to look for some birds…

Blue Skies and Bath Time

Despite the popular misconception that geese, and ganders in particular, are jerks, I am here to report that of my veritable menagerie of animals this guy is the only one that wasn’t causing problems today.

Of course if you have a bath to yourself under beautiful blue skies on an unseasonably warm day, what do you have to be grumpy about?


Gratitude prompt #7: “A friend or something that reminds you of a friend.”

Of course I don’t plan these days ahead of time. That’s never how I work and, as most days mid-pandemic, actual in-person photographable/selfieable friends were in short supply.

“No problem” says I to myself. I’ll just find something interesting in the house that reminds me of a friend to photograph. I started looking around.

Now, it’s completely possible that the fact that I:

A) don’t really “decorate” my house per say and

B) am terrible at buying non-functional things for myself.

And this has something to do with the fact that nearly everything I looked at reminded me of a friend.

I have art from friends on some walls and art gifted by friends on others. There are plants by the windows that were given by friends and plants that were delivered by friends. The capoeira instruments in the corner were made with friends and are played with friends. The mugs on the shelves are gifted from friends, the piano was my best friend’s grandma’s. The light in the corner is connected to another friend’s light in another state. There is a stuffed bee from a blogger I’ve never met in real life and a necklace hangs by the mirror from another that I have…

And on my bed is a stuffed bunny. One of those ridiculously round and unbelievably soft squishmallo types. It came to me early in covid on my birthday with a note “Since I can’t give you hugs.”

I hugged my bunny. I took its picture and I looked around my house filled to the brim with “hugs” from friends whichever way I looked.

Maybe its that I’m a terrible interior decorator but I like to think it’s just that I have excellent taste in friends.


There is nothing that feels more decadent than shuffling about my plants to fit them all in the greenhouse for the winter.

I could pretend these nasturtiums are to go with my salad greens or the herbs I overwinter or the other mildly responsible plants that allow me to feel justified in keeping the heat on.

But in truth, it is that their bright blooms from seeds worth pennies make me feel like the luckiest woman in the world on a dreary January day.