Mundane Monday: Firewood

The past few weeks I’ve noticed that greydaysandcoffee has been participating in Mundane Monday. And I thought to myself, “Self, you should do that too!”

And then I forgot.


But today- today I remembered! Camera in hand I went to turn something “mundane” into a beautiful photograph.

Turns out, I’m bad at mundane.

I keep wanting to give things a second chance.  I don’t want them to be, mundane

“Hmm how about this chair?” I asked myself. “This chair isn’t mundane! I got it out of my family’s garage and painted it brown and then I painted it red and I have to keep gluing it back together when it falls apart! This chair has history!”

The door knob? Anything but mundane. Look at it! It’s full of swirls and lines and hey! That could be an “ornate” photo challenge! But not mundane.

The wood stove? Couldn’t possibly. Not only did we move it from the old house, how many people have a wood stove? Besides it’s full of fire! Fire is not mundane.

The silverware? The table? The floor? My boot? Too many stories, too much history, possibly too much caffeine.

Yes, today I discovered that “mundane” is not my word.

I did make firewood all day though and firewood is pretty mundane. I mean, if you don’t think about what kind of tree it is and why it was cut it down. Also you need to try to forget how you hauled it to the wood pile and ignore the the different noises the splitting maul makes as you split it, and then of course when you stack it there is a bit of an art to get those stacks to stay up and hold tight and the shape of the pieces matters…


I love my firewood.

In the end, I took a picture of a piece of firewood. It’s just firewood. It’ll be burned in our wood-stove to heat the house. The tree it came from had a nest of ants in the middle of it and they smoothed the wood to a velvety appearance as they made their tunnels and did their ant things. Which possibly makes it one of the most un-mundane pieces of firewood I could find to photograph.firewood carved by ants

But like I said, I’m bad at mundane.


Black and White Sunday: Day’s End

My brother and I sat on the tailgate of the truck as we waited for our parents to hike out of their field. Laughing and talking, sharing a drink and pulling burrs out of the dogs. Enjoying the day’s end as the sun sank until everything glowed in it’s own halo of light.
Trip black and white

Discerning readers may notice I shared this picture once before, in color, but as one of my favorites from the Montana trip I couldn’t resist fiddling with it again.

I think it’s better in black and white, how about you?


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The Oak

There are sights I try to capture with my camera, knowing I will end up with nothing more than a scrap of the experience.

Merely a taste of a memory that must be recalled and revisited.

I have not the skills to truly capture the way this old oak rises into view through a break in the trees, towering over everything.
Truly immense in size, it is a tree that demands to be admired.
A tree that stops you in your tracks, forcing you to look up past the animal runways scratched into it’s thickly crevassed bark, up to the branches that twist and turn far, far above.

Then once you tear yourself away to continue on, it is merely to stop, turn back and look upon it from a fresh angle as if you have doubted your senses and need to confirm that it is still standing, still real.DSCN8972-(3sm)

I am happy with my pictures, but they’ll never reproduce that feeling of awe inspired insignificance that standing under this old oak tree can.

A fact that gives me faith that the world is just as it should be.