Caption This – 2

I have this picture that I keep meaning to share but I’ve been holding off waiting for just the right caption to come to me.

It’s not coming.

Help me out.

How would you caption this picture of the poor sad puppy who appears to be locked out of the house by the grumpy cat?

Puppy Names

The new puppy has arrived!

And his name is Goose.

Despite many people’s dubious reaction to his name, I’m keeping it.

Partly because within the first two hours the kids had already called him Goose 7 gazillion times (revisit the saga of Sarah Cat and wonder why I didn’t learn my lesson) and partly because I like it (and Mom still gets ultimate naming power because I did learn something from the Sarah Cat saga).

Besides, his dad’s name is Turkey so it makes perfect sense.

But now what I need is an official registered name for Goose. On paper he’s the offspring of Mr. Impressive and Fearless (none of this Turkey and Trixie business on the official documents) but so far my inspiration has only taken me as far as Super Goose.

And so, brilliant people of the internet, give me your best idea for a registered name for Goose!

A Cute Puppy

DSCN2179-(2sm)Because there are some weeks that need to end on a happy note.

Ivy, Clara and I were in a car accident this week. We will all be alright, nothing but bad bruises and the only thing that won’t bounce back is the truck. Thanks to everyone who has helped us so much the last few days, life would be harder if we weren’t surrounded by such great people!

Puppy Sitting

I’ve been called crazy.Jasper



But this tiny guy is only a visitor.Jane and Jasper

Besides, how could I turn him down when he, clearly, fits in so well?Jane and JasperHis name is Jasper and after our┬ástellar first day of puppy sitting I suspect you’ll be seeing him again!