It’s Still Coming

The last weekend in February was warm.

Fifty plus degrees warm.

And sunny.

So sunny that two of us ended up sun burnt.

The snow melted, sandals and shorts were dug out of closets (because this is Wisconsin) and we all enjoyed the hint of things to come.

And then, on the first of March (because this is Wisconsin), it snowed.

A perfect, beautiful fluffy snow.  And people howled as if spring had been stolen from them.


It’s still coming.

Can’t you feel it?

The sun beams warm the patches of floor they fall on.

Can’t you see it?

The chickens are laying more eggs.

speckled chicken egg

The forgotten tulip bulbs have sprouted in their bags.

Even the garlic can’t resist the call of spring as it sends out tiny green tendrils from it’s dark corner of the kitchen.

It’s not here yet.

It’s not time yet.

But a little snow fall can’t stop it.

snow drops

It’s still coming.


And Then There Were Six

Ancona ducks in the snowThere are risks to letting the birds free-range during the feather in the snow

Two ducks feather in the snow

Nothing was left of them but a few feathers in the falling feathers in the snow

There are risks.drake ancona in the snow

But I like to think it’s about the quality of life.Ancona ducks in the snow

Between the legions of furry, sharped-toothed animals and the freezer, many of our ducks won’t live long. But they’ll all live well.

Ancona ducks in the snow

And that makes all the difference.

For those of you who have been wondering, the ducks do fine in the winter. They always can go in and out of their house and on very cold sunny days they usually sit inside soaking up the rays coming through the windows. But, as you can see, even when it’s snowing, they’d rather be outside. 

This Moment – Lookin’ Around

A Friday ritual.

A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week.

A simple, special, extraordinary moment.

A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

John and Jane

In interest of full disclosure I feel compelled to share with you that this picture was not taken this week. It was taken last week. I’m sure there is no one other than me that finds that important. But now, when I look back on this in years to come, I’ll know that this was taken the first week of January and not the second and, clearly, that will make all the difference.

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

We woke to a brief and beautiful return of winter. snowy woodpile  Four inches of the first, perfectly packable, snowman-making snow we’ve had this winter.

Of course I had to ask my biggest Frozen fan “Do you want to build a snowman?”Jane

And she said “No. You build it, I will smash it down.”Jane in snow with fat bat

Obliging mother that I am, I built her a snowman as she waited, fat bat at the ready, to smash it down.Jane smashing snowman

And when there was nothing left but the original ball of snow, her sister took the bat, turned it around and ran the snowman through.Clara delivers killing blow to snowman

I think my girls might be ready for spring.