Behind the Willows in 2013

JanuaryJane blue hat

We Fought the Law… And the Law Won.

Ivy’s Kansas Picture

It Is Time

A Fine Morning

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

The Power of Oatmeal

This Moment – Skeptical

The Life of a Cat

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

This Moment – First Ski Race!

Our Internet is Like A Tired One Year Old

Rousseau and Other School Lessons

Look Out World!


Pig Pen

Six Candles on Her Cake


Some Little Rotter

A Line Drawn

This Moment – Snowy Kisses

Yet Another Reason I Hate Doing Laundry

Did I Just Say What I Thought I Said? VIII

My Valentine

This Moment – All Smiles!

I’ve Been Looking Like This…

What Time Is It?

MarchClara in chicken coop

This Moment – Give Me The Cookie!

Being the Dad


Great News!

This Moment – The Littlest Helper

Saved by the Poop

Paper Flotilla

An Unusual Egg


Guess the Bird

The Answer Is…

This Moment – Happy Birthday Mom!

Easter Morning


Would You Like To Hold My Chicken?

Evil or Genius?

Clara’s Favorites at Three Years Old

This Moment – You!

Weekly Photo challenge: Color

Forever Friends

Ivy’s Favorites at Six Years Old

Some Unsolicited Advice

Lullaby Litmus

A Study To Determine Jane’s Favorite Items At The Age Of 15 Months

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Did I Just Say What I Thought I Said? IX

This Moment – Sick Sisters

Barefoot in the Crick

Eating Out

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Still Here

This Moment – First Turkey!

Three Reasons Having Your House Torn Down is a Good Thing


Ultimate Insult

This Moment – My Handsome Dog

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

Going To The Zoo, Zoo, Zoo…

A Bad Day for the Lawnmower

Reason #67 We Do A Lot of Laundry…

Oh No…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Teaching Children

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

This Moment – Sisters on the Bridge

Eaten by Lions

A Little After Dinner Entertainment

Weekly Photo Challenge: In The Background

This Moment – Showing Off


Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

Happy Birthday Great Gramps!

Tiny Spiders

This Moment – A Kindergartener No Longer

The Problem with Packing…

Sheep Shearing



You Say Potato, I say…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

Sweet, Nice and Cute

Caption This

A Wee Bit Damp

But That Was Yesterday

Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

This Moment – Little Reader


Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

Conversations With Myself

Monkeys At The Park

On My Left

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

I Thought This Was A Moment…

Santa Eyes

Morning Tea

She Picks Up An Item…

This Moment – A Touch of Red

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

We Need Ice Cream!

AugustStorm near apple

Melts In Your Mouth…

Croquet, Canoeing and Crepuscular Rays

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

This Moment – A River Morning

Please Hold

Reason #93 We Do A Lot of Laundry…

I Saw Your Yoga

Animal Update

Baby Jonas

The Tale of the Perfect Little Chicken Coop

Taking Time To Stop and…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

Good Fortune

This Moment – Jane and Digby Get The Eggs


First Grade!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Have You Tasted Fall?


Reason #43 We Do A Lot Of Laundry

I Need More Dark Chocolate

The Tour – Part 1

Reason #298 We Do A Lot Of Laundry…

Perfect Endings

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns

The Tour – Part 2

This Moment – Waiting For Ivy

OctoberDigby close up

Toad In The Hole

Cheerful Noncompliance Strikes Again

Turning Four

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!(?)

The Tour – Part 3

Was I Supposed To Bring That?

Blue Skies and Pumpkins

Have You Hugged A Puppy Today?

This Moment – Visiting Granny

A Great Week!

It’s True

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon


I’m In It For The Candy

New House Rule

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

When I Grow Up…

This Moment – Nap Time


A Snowy Kiss

11-12-13 14:15

The Tour – Part 4

Five Dogs at the Gate

The Worst Word I Ever Unintentionally Taught My Children

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers


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