Behind the Willows in 2015


This Moment – Winter Light

Untrustworthy? Me?

Moonlit Night

I’ve Caved


The Day of the Possessed Shower

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

Out and About: Resolution Revolution

Dead Bees On Snow!

The Three Year Old Way

Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

This Moment: New Haircuts

Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

Happy Eighth Birthday Ivy!


Do You Like Barbies?

That’s My Kid

Kids, Keeping Me Humble Since 2007

This Moment – Winter Home

Today’s Fashion

This Moment – Here She Comes!

Motherhood, A Frighteningly Forgetful State

Mardi Gras!

This Moment – Feeding the Birds

Monday Night Ski Lessons

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

The Oak


Your Dog is Perfect

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

Reason #578 We Do A Lot Of Laundry…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

Snow Melt

Morning Things

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

This Moment – Somebody Just Got A Dollar… 

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

Anarchist 2.0 and the Goldfish


The Moment – Museum Crystals

Kitten on the Keys

Egg Hunt – Jonas Style

Egg Hunt – Jane Style

Egg Hunt – Clara Style

Egg Hunt – Ivy Style

Multiflora Rose

Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat

This Moment – End of the Day


Did I Just Say What I Thought I Said? XII

This Moment – Snuggle Time

Never Say Never

Spring Is Here

MayClara in bee suit

The Littlest Beekeeper

Kid Art

Sending RawrLove

When Mom Goes Down…

This Moment – Are We There Yet?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

Jane’s Favorites at Three Years Old


The One Armed Fisherwoman

The Worst Part of Being An Adult

Ivy’s Favorites at Eight Years Old

Good vs. Great

Table Manners

Clara’s Favorites at 5 Years Old

Garden Blooms

Barn Wedding

Lawnmower Fix

Weekly Photo Challenge: Roy G. Biv

This Moment- We Think She’s Up To Something

Wrens, Bees and a Little Perspective

JulyJane at the top of the slide

Purple Martin Babies

Reason #748 We Do A Lot of Laundry

This Moment: River Waders

Problem Solver

Sunset Storm

This Moment – Wait, That’s My Bed!

Did I Just Say What I Thought I Said? XIII

The Sign of a Great Visit

Love and Sloppy Joes

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up

My Children Are Bats

AugustIvy on the rope swing

O! Beautiful! Gorgeous! Wish You Were Here!

The Swing

A “Rate It” Rant

Look Mom!

Gone Fishin’

Colorado: Not All Fishing


Always Wash Your Produce

Three Treasures

This Moment- Trying To Fake The Grumpies

Birthday Breakfast


Clara’s First Day of School

Chicken vs Apple

Pressing Cider

This Moment – She’s Got Honey!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monochromatic

Talking With Jane

This Moment – Sunbeams and a Green Hat

Anniversary Baby Chicks

Dog Sitting

Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid

Happy Tribus Day

A Fall Prairie Hike

Run! But Only If You Have To.

OctoberTrip in the grass

Meeting General Grant

Looking Up

Clara’s Bee Birthday

This Moment – Greenhouse Napper

Loaded and Ready

The General Manager


Pumpkin Party

Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful


I’m a Tiny Pepper!

I Created The Monster

Laundry Day

Not a Duck

This Moment: Books in a Tree

Nano Poblano Blog Hop Story 2015

Black and White Sunday: Day’s End

Mundane Monday: Firewood

Boyfriends Beware

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

November Rose

Three Cheers For Meat

Black and White Sunday: At Your Feet 

Mundane Monday: Marble

New Toothbrush?

Puppy Sitting

Winter is Coming

Birthday Giggles

Black and White Sunday: Sleeping Dragons

Mundane Monday: Worn Quilt

Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

Happy Thanksgiving

This Moment: Smile for Snow!


Pheasant Feathers

A Tiny Pepper Win!

DecemberSunset at the lake

Frozen Fingers and Wide Smiles

A Cute Puppy

Black and White Sunday: Joy

Mundane Monday: Raspberry Canes

You’re It

Mundane Monday: Corn Stubble

Going On Four

White Christmas

Happy Birthday Jane!

Merry Christmas!

Holiday Reading – A Year of Book Reviews

Blogging The Moments

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